Encouragement Consulting Services

  Partnering with individuals and organizations looking to reach their full potential!

                                       Programs and Services


Encouragement Consulting Services offers the following types of programs and services:

Keynote addresses (conference, luncheon, etc.)

Subject matter presentation (one of our topics or a topic selected by client)

Workshop facilitation (one of our topics or a topic selected by client)

Employee coaching (30 minutes of coaching as scheduled)

Corporate retreat (will attend as presenter or can provide retreat schedule and content based on topic chosen)

Train the Trainer (full day or 2 day training (one of our topics or topic chosen by client)

Mr. Harris will always determine the level of excellence we can give to topics which are not our own.  He reserves the right to refuse to provide services that are not in line with our mission, vision and values.

Fees may not include program or consultant's expenses (travel or lodging)