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Everything you build needs a solid foundation. Such is the case with many diversity efforts. This program will help you in your process.  But, how do we advance the cause of diversity when we are at best strangers.

This interactive program will explore: 1. What makes us strangers and what that means (personally and organizationally), 2. Defining diversity and why it’s both our greatest strength and our biggest problem, 3. Exploring our own social and cultural influences, 4. Acknowledging and admitting our ignorance, 5. How we move to greater understanding, sensitivity and familiarity, 6. Examining cultural influences and their impact on our lives, 7. Watching our S.P.A.M. and 8. Developing a action plan for being more familiar (personally or within an organization)



This custom-made program asks the question, "Can we actually achieve our goals?"  John walks your employees through a series of interactive exercises that helps to uncover what it will take to become the kind of organization that makes the mission more than possible, but truly real.  John explores: 1.) the reason(s) you do what you do; 2.) the organization's promises (internal and external); 3.) examining the current and desired culture; 4.) the organization's strengths and concerns; and 5.) the leader's plan of action. 


"Creating an Intentional Community" challenges everyone in the organization to understand that though there may be different functions and roles that employees play; there must be a singular goal and a directed focus.  An intentional community is one where all employees see the "big picture" and where no one person is greater than the whole.

This interactive program explores: 1.) the power of community; 2.) the ingredients in true community; 3.) why an intentional community would be beneficial; 4.) the challenges that the organization could face and 5.) how to create an intentional community. 


Join John Leonard Harris aka "Mr. Encouragement" as he shares the tips, tools and techniques that will help you to create an environment that recognizes every employee's worth to the organization. John will share with you: 1.) the importance of appreciation; 2.) why appreciation matters; 3.) what an atmosphere where people value one another looks like; and 4.) ways to show appreciation.  Enjoy this interactive program and learn how to celebrate the contributions of those with whom you work.



This interactive program seeks to help participants explore the depth of culture in a way that focuses more on our similarities than our differences. The program explores: 1.) defining diversity and culture; 2.) gaining a perspective of value, 3.) the impact of our influences, 4.) the formula for greater sensitivity and 5.) understanding and overcoming stereotypes and 6.) creating a plan of action.



Every day people enter the workplace looking for something, but what?  A paycheck?  A promotion?  Real fulfillment and appreciation?  Just what is it all about; should we really expect more from our jobs?

While many people understand that work and working is important, there still seems to be some confusion about the intrinsic value of our jobs.  Is there more at stake when employees work than just producing a quality product or providing quality service?  Sure there is, but to realize the greater significance in one's job a person has to be very intentional and clear about what he or she is really doing when they "clock in" for work.

John Leonard Harris is your tour guide in this interactive workshop journey that will explore: 1.) the world of work; 2.) why employees are hired; 3) why employee work and why they quit; 4.) what excites people in their jobs; 5.) what frustrates people in their jobs; and 6.) how to find true value in what you do.  



Who needs another unproductive meeting?  That's right, not you and not me! "Running REALLY Effective Meetings" provides the tips, tools and techniques for making every meeting a successful meeting. 

John will walk you through: 1.) best practices for meeting preparation; 2.) meeting procedure and protocol; 3.) keys to keeping the meeting on track; 4.) dealing with difficult people and/or topics and 5.) what real success looks like.

Don't have another unproductive meeting, let John help you to make every second count.


"Engaging Excellence in Leadership," takes a radical look at leadership.  This interactive program prepares leaders to not only to change their organization, but to impact everyone around them.

With a combination of humorous stories and real life examples, John's fast paced program explores: 1.) the characteristics of leadership, 2.) the power of vision, 3.) the impact of influence, 4.) the P.O.O.P. factor and 5.) understanding servant leadership and trusteeship.  Be transformed by John's radical notion of leadership, it's your time.

Who likes conflict?  The simple answer is not most people.  Actually, most of us try to avoid conflict like the plague.  Still, there are others who thrive on it and always seem to find ways to turn a peaceful environment into a war zone.  But is that a bad thing? Well, John Leonard Harris does not believe so.

In his interactive workshop, John will challenge participants to examine: 1) what conflict is; 2) why it occurs and who is responsible; 3) the advantages and disadvantages of conflict; and 4) ways to manage conflict in your organization.

Like water around a building's foundation, conflict always seems to find its way in.  However, conflict and the people associated with it may be just what the doctor ordered.  Conflict, and those who create it may be what takes an organization from stagnancy to success.  Learn from John how some conflict in an organization may actually be the best thing!  


Early on, John's life was marked by failure, underachieving and poor decisions.  This program explores the true essence of what makes life worth living.  John covers the six things about life that everyone must understand, redefining your world, the importance of balance, developing a personal action plan and seven keys to S.U.C.C.E.S.S.  His wisdom is full of laughter and vulnerability.  Learn how to begin the journey toward a more purposeful life without regrets.


There is an old saying that goes: "If you don't know where you are going any road will get you there."  John Leonard Harris believes that this is no way to live.  His personal and "down to earth" presentation will challenge all who hear it. Especially for the college student, John works hard to help you learn how to navigate the college campus in a way that maximizes your chances for success. His presentation will explore: 1.) the special role of college, 2.) reasons why people attend college, 3.) the importance of an extracurricular life and 4.) understanding one's place in the community.