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      About John Leonard Harris 




      John Leonard Harris is a native of St. Louis Missouri who currently resides in Lincoln, Nebraska. Mr. Harris is a dynamic keynote and conference speaker, award-winning writer, poet and actorHe received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia (Speech and Dramatic Arts, emphasis Radio-TV-Film Production) and his Master's degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Education,
emphasis Teaching and Learning).

      Mr. Harris founded Encouragement Consulting Services through which he has provided workshops and training for over 20 years in the areas of: corporate culture, workplace diversity, leadership, motivation, personal and professional growth, organizational effectiveness, team building and employment (hiring, job search tools and techniques).

      Mr. Harris has worked as a consulting and training partner with TAG Consulting and Insignia Federal Group.  He currently works as a Subject Matter Expert for Continuum Employee Assistance Program and Southern Glazer's Distributors (based in Dallas, Texas).  He is a skilled consultant, employee coach, program developer and workshop facilitator.  Mr. Harris always receives excellent reviews for his program design,  delivery and content impact.  His interactive and engaging style makes learning enjoyable for all participants.

     Several years ago, Mr. Harris was added to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "Wall of Honor" (see bottom left) for his work promoting equality in his community.  He also received the Dr. Melvin Jones Mentoring Award (see bottom right with Dr. Colleen Jones, wife of Dr. Melvin Jones) for his work over the years with young people in his community.



In his spare time, he broadcasts college and high school sports serving as a color commentator for football, basketball and baseball.  Likely, his greatest accomplishments is his marriage of 30 years to his wife Charlene of Lincoln, Nebraska and raising four great adults, Preston, Shannon, JoAnna and John, Jr.





In 1994, Mr. Harris founded Harris Consulting Services (now Encouragement Consulting Services), through which he has provided workshops and training in the areas of: diversity, leadership, motivation, student development and success, retention, organizational effectiveness and culture. 







John Leonard Harris was recognized in 1993 with the "Article of the Year" by the National Association for Human Rights Workers for his article published in the Journal of Intergroup Relations titled, "The Portrayal of the Black Family in Prime-time Network Television: A Look at Stereotypic Images and Disorganization of Family Structure."  The Journal of Intergroup Relations published his second article, "Black Racial Identity: Examining the Continuing "Search for Self" in 2oo2.





Mr. Harris has worked at Florissant Valley Community College (Speech Lab Supervisor), Dartmouth College (Media Specialist), the University of Nebraska at Omaha (Student Activities Advisor) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs). 





John is a skilled workshop facilitator, program developer, consultant and coach.  He continues to received excellent reviews for his program design and delivery.  His interactive and engaging style makes learning enjoyable for all participants.





Mr. Harris has been married to his wife Charlene of Lincoln, Nebraska for 29 years and they have four children, Preston, Shannon, JoAnna and John, Jr.  He has been the Senior Pastor at Christ Temple Mission Church in Lincoln si