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Communicating Clearly Speech and Voice Coaching

John Leonard Harris is a native of St. Louis Missouri who currently resides in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He has been a popular keynote and conference speaker for over 25 years.  He is a highly sought after speaker across the country for businesses, state and government agencies, community groups, youth organizations, churches and educational institutions.  His style is always interactive, often humorous and most of all, impactful.

John majored in Speech and Dramatic Arts with an emphasis in Radio-TV-Film Production at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  While in college, he was hired by a local cable company to work for as a video jock providing on-air music news and regional concert information during MTV commercial cut-ins. 

After graduation, John worked as a cable television salesman and then a Speech Lab Supervisor at Florissant Valley Community College, helping students improve their speaking and acting skills, as well as developing better voice and diction.

Over the years, John's life has been communicating in one form or another.  Whether as a pastor preaching a sermon, an actor at the Lincoln Community Playhouse, a diversity subject matter expert for Dallas-based company or a high school or college sports broadcaster, he is always communicating at a high level.  He can help you to do the same!

John speaking to Health Department employees facilitating
his program, "Finding Common Ground"


John with Brett Edwards offering his pre-game analysis before a Nebraska Wesleyan conference tournament game