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John Leonard Harris M.Ed.
Founder and Principal Consultant 


Encouragement Consulting Services was created to help organizations like yours achieve its mission, vision and organizational objectives. For more than 20 years, we have conducted hundreds of high quality and fully engaging  programs across the country that truly impact people in business and higher education. We would like to talk with you about providing one of our life-changing programs for the people in your campus or corporate community.  Thanks for taking the time to visit our site.



"Helping YOUR business to do business better!" 



Our Goal

John Leonard Harris has 20 plus years of experience delivering dynamic workshops, interactive seminars and training programs that impact organizations (and the people in them) in ways that uncover the most fundamental challenges that keeps them from accomplishing its mission.

We believe in the "power of encouragement" and what it means in every aspect of our lives.  Moreover, we endeavor to help organizations create an "encouraging environment" which allows every individual to see themselves as a key contributor to the organization's success.

Areas of specialization include:

Excellence in Customer Service
Culture and Diversity Education
Personal Growth and Leadership Development
Communication and Learning Strategies
Organizational Effectiveness
Corporate Culture and Community Cohesion
Presentation and Public Skills Training
Management Coaching
Job Search Strategies and Employment Coaching



(Businesses and organizations that
have experienced what we do)

Continuum Employee Assistance Program

Southern Glazer's Distributors

Doane University
Commercial Investment Properties

Constructors, Inc.

Family Service Association

Hexagon Composites

Southeast Community College

Peru State College

City of Lincoln Public Works and Utilities

Lincoln Police Department

Lancaster County Mental Health Crisis Center

Nebraska Department of Corrections

Smart Chicken/Tecumseh


TEAM Software


Our Impact

“In a field where they talk about diversity but then expect lockstep ideological unanimity, John talked about genuine diversity, based on respect and listening and he does it with humor as well as passion. If there were more people like John in the diversity education movement, there would be a lot fewer cynics where diversity is concerned.”

Library Technician
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries


"Mr. Harris was an incredible speaker!  It was great to have someone come in and tell us that we can succeed through God’s direction and love. He made his speech clear and simple, with comic relief and great points!"

"John got me to think deeper about what is really going to drive me to make it through.  Not just the good, but the things that will not seem so good."

"Very good message!   I've seen lots of motivational speakers and have also done a lot of keynote speeches and will definitely use some of his info and knowledge and what I learned from John in some of my next speeches and leadership workshops."

Faculty, Staff and Students
Bryan School of Nursing


"Diversity: Finding Common Ground" was a huge success at Waubonsee Community College. The program, presented as part of our Diversity Chat Series, had a larger attendance than any other program in the series. John Leonard Harris is an excellent speaker. His method of delivery part comedian, part professor- was in perfect balance, holding an audience of 200+ students riveted for 1 ½ hours! He presented potentially difficult information/concepts in a simple manner, illustrated in turn by hilarious and dramatic stories. The hand-outs were excellent, following the presentation faithfully, reinforcing important points. As one of my students said about the hand-outs, "These are keepers."

Student Activities Manager
Waubonsee Community College



To know more about the programs and services we provide, contact us by phone or email.  We look forward to hearing from you and partnering with you.

John Leonard Harris, M.Ed.
Founder and Principal Consultant
P. O. Box 84734
Lincoln, NE 68501
Phone: 402-309-9411
Email: johnharris.coaching@gmail.com



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Jan. 22 - Diversity: Toward a Better Understanding (Lancaster County Corrections - New Recruits), Lincoln, NE

Jan. 23 - Creating an Intentional Community and Empowering Effective Leadership (Peru State College), Peru, NE

Jan. 25 - How to be a Difference Maker (Scott Middle School - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration), Lincoln, NE


Dec. 12 - More Than a Job: Finding the Worth in your Work, Lincoln Human Resources Management Association, Lincoln, NE

Nov. 14-15 - Building and Leading Inclusive Teams (Southern Glazer's), Kansas City, MO

Nov. 1 - Creating an Intentional Community, (Public Works and Utilities), Lincoln, NE

Oct. 31 - Creating an Intentional Community, (Public Works and Utilities), Lincoln, NE

Oct. 25 - Creating an Intentional Community, (Public Works and Utilities), Lincoln, NE

October 19 - Experiencing Customer Delight, (City of Lincoln Employees), Lincoln, NE

October 13 -  Building and Leading Inclusive Teams, (Southern Glazers Managers), Denver, CO

October 5 -  Building and Leading Inclusive Teams, (Southern Glazers Managers), Indianapolis, IN

October 2 - Diversity: Toward a Better Understanding (Lancaster County Corrections - New Recruits),  Lincoln, NE

September 21 -  Building and Leading Inclusive Teams, (Southern Glazers Managers), Bolingbrook, IL

September 14 -  Building and Leading Inclusive Teams, (Southern Glazer's Managers), Dallas, TX

August 27 - Building and Leading Inclusive Teams, (Southern Glazer's Managers), Bolingbrook, IL

August 13 - Building and Leading Inclusive Teams, (Southern Glazer's Managers), Miramar, FL


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